Kirsten Lewis

Kirsten is a full-time triathlon coach who focuses on coaching elite age-group, pro-development and professional athletes.

WeTri age-group athletes are working towards personal progress in long-course triathlon (full and half Ironman distance, plus some Olympic).  The goals of these athletes are personal progress, podiums, titles, as well as Team USA and All-American status.

The WeTri Elite Squad is comprised of athletes specifically going for their professional triathlon licence.  These athletes are listed on our Pro-Dev Squad page.

There are three parts of WeTri that compliment each other:

  • The Pro-development Elite Squad
  • The Age-group Squad  (opening August 1st)
  • WeTri Mental Game training program

Coach Kirsten’s specialty is coaching athletes of all ages to experience their potential in our awesome sport of triathlon.

History of WeTri

WeTri was founded by Coach Kirsten over 10 years ago after she was already a successful Ironman mental game coach.

WeTri originated ss a highly successful women’s team for the first number of years —  for Ironman and Half-Ironman racing. Athletes went from little-to-no experience to completing an Ironman race strong and confident.  Many lives were changed and the positive impact of the WeTri women’s team still rings throughout the triathlon and Ironman community.

Eventually the women’s team added in male athletes and developed into a successful co-ed Ironman racing team.

In 2014 WeTri took on junior athletes and Coach Kirsten created one of the most successful USAT Junior-Elite squads in the United States.  By USAT Junior Elite points standards, WeTri held the position of the number 1 highest ranked team on the West Coast.

Each year, between 2014 and 2018, 90% of her athletes achieved All-American status and 40% of them achieved Team USA.  All the athletes Coach Kirsten has coached have been homebread — meaning they started as beginners in our sport and were coached into highly successful athletes.

2018 Coach Kirsten created the WeTri Elite Racing squad from some of her top juniors who aged up.  These athletes are on track for professional careers in the sport of triathlon — specifically long-course triathlon (Ironman & Half-Ironman distance).

Starting in Fall 2019, Coach Kirsten will be taking on Age-group athletes in addition to her professional and pro-development squad.  Since she has been focused on her elite squads and mental game program, this is the first time in 5 years that she has opened up the opportunity for age-group athletes to join her programs.

Kirsten’s Background

Before triathlon coaching, Kirsten spent 20 years on Wall Street as a financial advisor and branch manager for numerous brokerage firms (Merrill Lynch & Smith Barney) in Boston, Colorado and California.

When she was younger, Kirsten was a highly successful elite equestrian athlete, having been trained and coached by one of our Olympic Team trainers.

Kirsten has lived and gone to school in Europe (Switzerland, France and the U.K.).

The main focus of her coaching practice is to help athletes of all ages realize their dreams — with meaningful personal progress in their training and racing.

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