A note to all the Kona (Ironman World Championship) athletes who did not accomplish their goal

The world needs you to continue your hero’s journey through your doubt and your fear. It’s clear that you are driven and have high expectations because that’s how you get to a race like this. That is why you are experiencing disappointment and doubt. However, perspective is sometimes needed in order to move forward and ready yourself for still the best performances of your life to come.

Think about this for a moment.

What if….your extraordinary performance is still yet to come?

What if……this was an important part of your journey in order to get to those extraordinary human performances that YOU will be creating in YOUR future.

Be in that energy for a few minutes because I know that YOU know it’s truth. It’s simply your choice how you use this experience! You can use it to receive deep wisdom that will give you answers and help you create your extraordinary OR you can marinate yourself in doubt.

When you test yourself in a meaningful event and you don’t accomplish what you perceive to be your top goal it’s easy to tell yourself negative stories or even to feel as if your journey does not matter. However, what if…..you needed that experience in order to create incredible things. Your life is not just one race, it’s more than one event it is a series of experiences along your hero’s journey.

The world needs YOU to continue your hero’s journey through the doubt and the fear and collect the wisdom from the experience to then rise up and use it all to allow your extraordinary performances. This experience will help you tap into what is truly needed for allowing your body to access primal extraordinary human performance ~ as long as you listen to it!! Release fear, judgment and doubt and you will find answers that will blow your mind.

Don’t listen to the mainstream collective thoughts on winning & results because what you are TRULY looking to experience is the extraordinary. Mainstream thought does not work in the realm of extraordinary it works in the realm of average and limiting beliefs. Don’t take those on. YOU are not average!! You are extraordinary so get going on releasing the three blocks to extraordinary ~ Fear, Judgment and doubt!

Thank you for being a contribution to our world and the infinite possibilities of human potential.

Kirsten (a deep believer in our human potential & YOUR extraordinary abilities)