It’s not just about mental toughness …really

I will probably upset a few people by saying this . It’s not about mental toughness it’s way more cool and interesting and deep then that. Actually, I should say it not just about mental mental toughness because you could see practice and discipline as tough. It’s more about mental training and accessing your primal self. Yes it takes discipline and practice. However, it’s not just about “just toughen the hell up”. That’s the old school model of mental game training. It only scratches the surface of what you are humanly capable of doing. Yes sure it’s part of it. Of course you need to learn to push through certain types of things. To shift your thoughts and your mind. If it was just about mental toughness or pushing through everything then you may get a better performance sometimes but you certainly won’t access the extraordinary. In order to access the extraordinary you need to learn how to truly ALLOW your body to perform on a human primal scale. Primal means accessing our human potential, some of which has been lost in centuries of “progress” in civilization.

We want to access that primal human potential that taps into our connection to all things in nature, intuition & the primal link between body and mind which also helps us tap into what our bodies were made to do…….move!

Accessing the primal you takes focus on strengthening your intuitive senses which in turn strengthens your self belief. It takes focus on shifting and shedding your emotional habits and the stories you tell yourself and how you see yourself. It takes being in the space of pure possibility. It takes perspective in your journey as a part of your own greater hero’s journey. It takes stripping away your limiting beliefs on what is actually possible (that includes limiting expectations) and living in the space of the extraordinary. It takes learning and practicing the tools and the methods that help you get back to and access YOU the primal YOU.

Let’s be all about truth. The fundamental truth is sport and athletics is primal and the truth is we want to access our primal because that is where the magic happens.