If you are looking through this mental game training page then you are likely very aware that your emotions, thoughts and perspective have a tremendous amount to do with your results!  Athletes who have true and deep self belief that they can carry through training, life and racing will always come out on top.

Extraordinary results are created through training the mind (emotions and perspective) as well as the body.  Much of mental game training is teaching you how to allow your whole being to create what is actually truly possible in performance.

Intro to Mental Game

I describe my background and give you an idea of what to expect in mental game training.

One-on-One Sessions

The most effective way to make progress is through direct one-on-one sessions with me.

The first step to getting started is a free, introductory call or video chat that will help us both see if it’s a good fit.  On this call you will learn more about the training, get to know me better and I will have a better understanding of your goals.

From there, I will be able to give you a very clear idea of what I recommend in your mental game training in order to make the biggest positive difference in your life, your and racing.

Mental game coaching packages come as a set of three sessions — which is the minimum number to make a meaningful positive impact for athletes.  The three session package is $365.

Kirsten helped me to start believing in myself and gave me tools to use both in races and on a daily basis to be able to realize my potential. I am continuing to push my limits with more success now that I have the mental tools to match the physical fitness.

Sue Moote
Elite Ironman Age-Grouper (55 – 59)
2018 Xterra World Championships – 3rd Place

Kirsten taught me a variety of different techniques and how to utilize them in my mental game. They have allowed me to overcome negatives that inevitably crop up and still find success. Whether your goal is to get through the swim without paralyzing anxiety, finishing a race with a smile on your face, or making it to the top of the podium, Kirsten knows how to help you accomplish it.

Skip Slade
USAT Coach & Athlete
Elite Ironman Age-Grouper

Practice What You Want to be Good At

This audio clip further describes practicing what you want to get good at in your mental game training.  You will learn the tools and techniques that will help you gain the habit of the mindset needed to allow your body to perform towards potential.   Everything is habit, and when you practice these techniques you will create under pressure.