The WeTri Women’s 2020 Triathlon Team is full and currently not accepting new members. Try the WeTri Academy, an online training community for women!

A women’s only team specifically to support women in realizing their extraordinary abilities — in triathlon and in life.

If you are a female athlete who resonates with being on an all women’s team, then be sure you send a message directly to Coach Kirsten very soon so she can put you on the list to receive invitations to the recruitment events. Pricing and specifics will only be announced to athletes who have contacted Coach Kirsten.

The mission of WeTri Women 2020 is that every athlete (woman) experiences how extraordinary they truly are. This is accomplished through a highly-positive, all-women’s culture, as well as coaching that is specific to female triathletes. The team sessions and program will include subjects and events that are especially inspiring in experiencing inner power, wisdom and your true extraordinary strength.

What you will experience:

  • Becoming Significantly Stronger
  • Becoming Healthier (the healthier you are the stronger you become)
  • Deeper Self Belief
  • Profound Inspiration
  • Tools that you can use for a lifetime to support your personal journey
  • Sister tribe that you resonate with (that both inspires and supports you)
  • A Life changing year where you realize how extraordinary you truly are

What is special about our team:

Our Coach, Kirsten Lewis, has created and coached highly successful women’s triathlon teams that have truly changed the lives of many women. She is experienced at creating thriving space and coaching for women to experience their new possible. As well as women’s specific training, she has coached many athletes to World class elite level in the sport of triathlon.

Athletes on this team will be guided through very special programs and sessions that support their personal growth through their journey in triathlon. The goal is that each athlete experiences and accomplishes their personal greatness in their training racing during this season.

The women on our team will be coached to achieve real progress in triathlon and their triathlon journey and that includes training to optimize the female physiology. These areas include, nutrition for female athletes, strength training for female athletes, training plans that take into account hormone phases to optimize training for real progress. For female athletes to become VERY strong there is a real scientific difference between what supports male training and what supports female training. Women thrive in building strength when they train for their female physiology. That’s what the women on our team will be experiencing as they grow towards their empowerment and new possible..

Our women will be trained to learn how to thrive. This training includes lessons on creating deeper self belief, journaling, meditations/guided visualizations, Intuitive exercises, yoga for recovery and positive personal rituals. These will be incorporated into training sessions and some will be special social/empowerment sessions.

Who is this team for:

  • Women athletes who want to access their inner warrior woman and truly experience their strength, power and extraordinary selves.
  • Women athletes who know they are capable of so much more in mind and body
  • Women athletes who are interested in becoming faster and stronger at Olympic distance and or Half Ironman distance (or do their first one of these distances)
  • Women athletes who are understand the immense benefit of training and racing with sisters (the women on their team) and the power of having a female Coach that understands the extraordinary and power of the female physiology.
  • Women athletes who love the beginning of the Wonder Woman movie where they are training on the Island together – then you are in the right place!

Send an email directly over to Coach Kirsten